Chef specials

Lemongrass Thai in Main Beach - book online from yumtable
  thai royal chicken
chicken salad served with coconut milk, enriched with lemongrass, cashew nuts and fresh mint 25.9 

slices of roast duck stir-fried, Chinese broccoli with chilli, garlic and oyster sauce
chicken/beef or pork 21.9
roasted chicken 23.9
roasted duck 26.9
king prawns 26.9

prawn asparagus
prawns & asparagus with fresh chilli in oyster sauce 26.9

bbq chicken
grilled marinated chicken with chilli sauce 22.9 

fish chilli sauce (mild)
fried lightly battered fish fillet topped with sweet chilli and sour chilli sauce  26.9
fried chicken
fried marinated chicken with chilli sauce 22.9 

lamb spicy 
stir fried lamb with red curry paste and vegetables 26.9 

grilled chicken red curry
grilled marinated chicken in red curry with green bean, bamboo shoot, tomatoes, lychee, grape, and pineapple garnished with sweet basil23.9 

prawn ruby
fried lightly battered prawns with onion, capsicum, pineapple, corn in sweet chili sauce27.9